We are the specialist in food additives products especially in frozen food. According to our product are in variedty and high quality which are suitable for SHRIMP, FISH, FISH FILLET, CEPHALOPOD,  CHICKEN, and other frozen products.

     We are your partner who use innovation fill the gap for food industrial. Just you make decision to set up the experiment with our technical support and information today.

Water binding food additives group under QUALIMAX®, ZEAFORCE®, and BAZATEC®, brand.

  • Increase water binding capacity by soaking apply. This Group of Frozen Food Additives are able to increase very good quality of raw material for higher productivity with very safe for human consumption (see more information in Material Safety Data Sheet and certified documents).
  • Keeps good appearance and organoleptic characteristics. Physical appeararance : Natural appearance in frozen product, No transparency defect. , Texture : Firm and natural. No juicy, No crispy, No rubbery., Color : Do not effect of material skin or pigment.
  • Excellence water holding in cooking process.
  • Decrease freezing loss and drip loss during keep in cold storage.
  • Very safety for human consumption, The US Food and Drug Administration classifies all composition are as a GRAS (General Recognized As Safe)
  • No additional P2O5 with the Non-Phosphate group.

Alternative food additives group under MAXXI® brand.

  • Special blended and special function. Our research and development for alternative food additive product according to your needs. Such as Low phosphate, Low sodium, White cooked meat, Non acid, Non E-500 and more.
  • SP anti blackening for head-on shrimp. Excellence color for cooked head-on shrimp.





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